Sunday, 18 December 2011

Artist of the Week - Amanda Hunt

Artist of the Week - Amanda Hunt
"Purple Scottish Hills" by Amanda Hunt

Living in the Berkshire countryside provides many opportunities for our Artist of the Week, Amanda Hunt, to take inspiration from the surrounding woodlands and fields with their ever changing colours and variety of shapes throughout the different seasons. Sunsets and lively skies also provide strong influences and in each painting she aims to capture and demonstrate the emotions and experiences that have been drawn upon to shape and develop it. 
Amanda says:
"My paintings are distinctive with their strong colours and flowing lines and each one is truly unique. The painting shown above, "Purple Scottish Hills"is a peaceful lakeland mountain scene in realxing purple hues, inspired by the Cairngorms. 
When not painting, I devote much of my spare time developing my artwork, enhancing my skills, learning new techniques and trialling different styles and media."

Monday, 12 December 2011

Artist of the Week - Maureen Greenwood

Artist of the Week - Maureen Greenwood
Maureen Greenwood was born and educated in Dublin. She came to London in the early sixties and has lived in Stanmore, Middlesex, since 1965. From early childhood she has been interested in painting and in 1988 she gave up her full time job to devote her time to art.
Although she has attended art courses at various colleges, including The Camden School of Art, Stanmore College, Hendon College and The Harrow Arts Centre, she is fundamentally a self-taught artist.
She had her first public exhibition at the Stanmore Library in 1991 where her exhibits covered a broad spectrum of subjects in which she has used a variety of painting media. Her work is represented by Galleries in the South of England and has been sold in Art Fairs and Exhibitions throughout the country

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Artist of the Week - June Green

Artist of the Week - June Green
"Moonlight Forest" by June Green

This week we have had June Green as our Artist of the Week. June is a self taught artist and calligrapher. She worked as a professional calligrapher for five years alongside a wedding photographer before her children were born. Now that her children are grown up, she finds she has more time to devote to her main creative outlet of painting.
June says:
"My favourite art is Chinese brush painting, Japanese Sumi-e painting and last but not least, Trompe L'oeil. I try to incorporate a flavour of these styles into my paintings, working mainly in Acrylics as I find this medium to be so versatile. All my paintings feature my first name signed in Chinese, to symbolise my love of eastern art."
June also enjoys working with wax in encaustic painting.....such as the one picture above.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Artist of the Week - Audrey Greaves

Artist of the Week - Audrey Greaves
This week we have had Audrey Greaves as our Artist of the Week. Audrey began painting seriously in 1992 after joining an Art Club. She  enjoys painting landscapes, flowers, wild life, portraits, pet portraits, abstract and naive paintings. 

Audrey says:
"At the moment I am painting a few still lifes in oils. My inspiration is found in the English landscape as well as scenes from abroad. I am also inspired by flowers in my own garden as well as parks and gardens that I visit and life in general. I paint in oils, acrylics, watercolour and mixed media.

My work has been hung in several exhibitions throughout Yorkshire and Lancashire over the last 17 years and also in galleries. While exhibiting at the Ilkley Art Exhibitions in 1998 I was elected an Associate of the British Society of Painters. I have done several successful portrait, pet portrait and landscape commissions from photographs and would be pleased to do more."

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Artist of the Week - Paul Dixon

Artist of the Week - Paul Dixon
"Hurry Up Before They Change!" by Paul Dixon

Paul paints in most media - oils, watercolours, acrylics and pastels and never one to feel pigeon-holed, tackles most subjects - landscape, seascape, cityscape, portraiture, still life, fantasy, surrealism and abstract. 

He has previously exhibited at the Ferrens Art Gallery, Hull, the Leeds City Art Gallery, Y.T.V. Studios, Leeds, the West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds and the Art Shows at Ilkley where he was a prize winning artist who was elected a Companion of the International Guild of Artists. He was a regular exhibitor at the Valley Gardens Art Exhibitions in Harrogate and the Original Art Exhibitions at Addingham, Nr Ilkley, West Yorkshire. He has also had two paintings reproduced as limited edition prints.

He has completed various commissions in landscape and portraiture and has work in private collections as far afield as Italy, Germany, America and Canada.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Artist of the Week - Peter Dillon

Artist of the Week - Peter Dillon
"Flax Reapers" by Peter Dillon

Our Artist of the Week, this week, has been Peter Dillon. Peter is a prolific painter who has lived in Leeds from his late teens. His artistic career started in the mid 1970s with an interest in scratch building models. During this time, he won a number of awards including the prestigious silver medal at the Royal Engineers' Expo. 

During the late 1980s, Peter's interest was taken with computer graphics and animation, but over the last few years, a passion for the more traditional style of painting has emerged. He is currently studying at Leeds College of Art & Design, and at the Swarthmore Centre in Leeds.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Artist of the Week - Tony Broadbent

Artist of the Week - Tony Broadbent
"Roots" by Tony Broadbent

Our current artist of the Week, Tony Broadbent,  is a professional self-taught artist whose  work is widely collected. Tony admits to being primarily interested in colour, form and the abstract representation of theme/angst. 
Tony says:
"I have found that people soon make up their mind about my work, they either like it or they don't".  Those who do like it usually end up buying more than just the one piece....they become "my regulars". I'm not into telling you how wonderful I am, or how I've progressed through life to get to this point, it is art: original and mine - and yours if you want it. Art is in the mind. I just, set the mood."

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Artist of the Week - Angela Arnold

Artist of the Week - Angela Arnold
"The Rich Earth" by Angela Arnold

Angela has been painting in South Aberdeenshire since 2001, inspired by the local land- and seascape: the view of big skies and changeable seas from the cliffs of coastal Kinneff, where she lives, or the deep red earth of the Mearns.
 Angela says:
"In my paintings I try to capture both stillness and motion (often linked with the emotion evoked) – and maybe these are not so much opposites as two sides of the same coin, seeking the core of the subject. I also produce vibrant abstracts and most recently I have been experimenting with stark bl/wh, rather minimalist, painting.A lot of my work is done in acrylic on board, rather than on canvas, calling for a different kind of technique. I have developed a method of mounting board on an integral frame and the finished product looks like a box canvas, with painted sides, ready to hang - or to frame, if you wish. You will find my paintings work especially well in larger/modern rooms, with a bit of distance and space."

Friday, 7 October 2011

Artist of the Week - Jeannie Zelos

Artist of the Week - Jeannie Zelos
"Beach Huts at Wells" by Jeannie Zelos

As we march all too rapidly into winter, I thought I'd have a look for something to remind us of warmer times, from the gallery of our current Artist of the Week, Jeannie Zelos. "Beach Huts at Wells" is a lovely sunny painting of beach huts that line the seashore at Wells. You can see the tall pines that give Pinewoods it's name, behind them, and the golden sands and gently lapping waves in the foreground.
Jeannie is a self-taught artist, living and working in Norfolk. Over the last few years, though, she has extended her experience via personal study and professional tuition. Jeannie uses watercolours, soft pastels, oil pastels, acrylics, oils and Encaustic media.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Artist of the Week - Peter Williams

Artist of the Week - Peter Williams

"Heat of the Night" by Peter Williams

Creating haunting, ephemeral Native American portraits, Peter tries not to be historically accurate but attempts to portray palpable and arresting emotions, suspending reality and presenting the viewer with the wild, unchecked passions and stoic serenity of Native America. He also produces stunning and highly detailed, photo-realistic graphite images of wildlife. Blending diffused colour with confident composition, intricate detail, sometimes dramatic movement but always a unique vibrancy unequalled by many other watercolourists. With a strong on-line presence as well as exhibiting several times a year in real world galleries, I have developed a large following of collectors and enthusiasts from all continents, my new work being sought after as demand outstrips productivity. Peter's work has been featured in the last 2 years'  David Sheppard Wildlife Artist of the Year Award show in the Mall Galleries, London.