Sunday, 18 December 2011

Artist of the Week - Amanda Hunt

Artist of the Week - Amanda Hunt
"Purple Scottish Hills" by Amanda Hunt

Living in the Berkshire countryside provides many opportunities for our Artist of the Week, Amanda Hunt, to take inspiration from the surrounding woodlands and fields with their ever changing colours and variety of shapes throughout the different seasons. Sunsets and lively skies also provide strong influences and in each painting she aims to capture and demonstrate the emotions and experiences that have been drawn upon to shape and develop it. 
Amanda says:
"My paintings are distinctive with their strong colours and flowing lines and each one is truly unique. The painting shown above, "Purple Scottish Hills"is a peaceful lakeland mountain scene in realxing purple hues, inspired by the Cairngorms. 
When not painting, I devote much of my spare time developing my artwork, enhancing my skills, learning new techniques and trialling different styles and media."

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